Pokemon Diglett Cupcake


Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting with chocolate Twinkies makes for a great Diglett.

You can also check out the YouTube video on how to make this treat!


Nine chocolate cupcakes
2 cups chocolate frosting
1 package chocolate covered Twinkies (package of nine.)
Oreos (~5-7)
Nine black jelly beans
~30 rock- or stone-looking jelly beans
Nine large pink jelly beans
Few tablespoons white frosting (optional)


Plastic bag
Toothpick or steel needle tool

The chocolate covered Twinkies, called “Chocodile Twinkies,” are a smaller size than regular Twinkies. This makes them a better fit than regular Twinkies.


From a bag of jelly beans, separate out the rock-like jelly beans and the black jelly beans.


Place the Oreos in a plastic bag, seal, and crush. I used a roller to help with the smashing.



Frost a chocolate cupcake. Be generous with the frosting as this will help the Twinkie stay in place. Plus lots of frosting is a happy thing.


Cut off the rounded bottom of a Twinkie.

The bottom of the Twinkie is gone because I ate it.

The bottom of the Twinkie is gone because I ate it.

Cut a black jelly bean in half. Dab on frosting to the flat half of the jelly bean and gently press near the top of the Twinkie. You want to be gentle or else you’ll break through the chocolate shell.

Dab frosting on the giant pink jelly bean for the nose. Gently push onto the Twinkie under the black jelly beans. Use a toothpick or a steel needle tool to clean up any extra frosting. around the eyes and nose.


To add detail to the eyes, use the toothpick or steel needle to nudge white frosting onto the black jelly beans. This is the trickest part!


Place the Twinkie on top of a cupcake and sprinkle on the crushed Oreos.


Place the rock-like jelly beans around the Twinkie.


Repeat for all Twinkies. Makes nine Digletts (unless you eat a few of the Twinkies.)





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