Pacman Marshmellows


Pacman “marshmellows” created out of whipped topping based on the Cool Whip Instructable.

I came across smori’s brilliant Instructable on how to make “marshmellows” out of whipped topping. Here’s how to take that recipe and create Pacmans and the white ghosts from Pacman.


Whipped Topping (8 oz.)
2 tablespoons water
Metal pan(s) (I used 9″ cake pans)
Yellow food coloring
Marshmellow bits


Circle cookie cutter
Heart or star cookie cutter (anything with a pointy bit will work)
Tulip cookie cutter (optional, for ghosts)
Red edible food marker (optional, for ghosts)
Wax paper


Everything you need minus the mini marshmellows. Those didn't make the shot.

Everything you need minus the marshmellows bits. Those didn’t make the shot.

I used one tub of whipped topping for the Pacman and one tub for the ghosts. The ghosts are much trickier to work with, so if you’re looking for one option, go with just the Pacmans.

Line a metal pan with waxed paper.

If you’re creating the ghosts, add two tablespoons of water to a container of 8 oz. of whipped topping and mix. Pour into the metal pan.


You’ll want the height to between ½ – 1 inch. Pouring into a 9″ cake pan will give you around one inch height.

Use a spatula to even out the whipped topping.


Place in the freezer for several hours until the mixture is frozen.

To create the Pacmans, take a container of whipped topping, add two tablespoons of water, and add a squirt of yellow food coloring. Mix.


Add the yellow whipped topping to a wax paper-lined metal pan.


Smooth out the mixture with a spatula and pop in the freezer for several hours or until the mixture is frozen.

To create the ghosts, use the tulip cookie cutter on the frozen whipped topping.



If you’re feeling extra sassy, use a edible food marker to draw on the eyes and the sad smiley. The food marker doesn’t work very well on the topping, but if you’re quick  the whipping topping melts quickly  it’s doable.

pacmanmarsh13For the Pacmans, take out the whipped topping from the freezer.

Use the circular cookie cutter in the whipped topping.


The whipped topping should stick to the inside of the cookie cutter. If not, use a spatula to help it out of the pan.

Over a sheet a waxed paper, gently shake the cookie cutter until the whipped topping plops out.

Use a heart cookie cutter (or another pointy bit cookie cutter) on the circle o’ whipped topping.

pacmanmarsh08Use a spatula to scoop up and place into some hot cocoa. (You can use your hands, but they will melt the little Pacman so it’s easier to use a utensil.)


Add the mini marshmellows in front of the Pacman.



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