Hearthstone Rice Krispie Treats


Frosted marshmellow rice cereal treats based on the cards from Blizzard’s card game Hearthstone.

The frosting part of this treat does make some time, but making the rice cereal treats is super easy. Plus, you get to munch on rice cereal treats while doing the frosting bit, so it all works out quite nicely.


6 cups rice cereal
1 package mini marshmellows
3 tablespoons butter
1 cup frosting
Blue food coloring
Purple food coloring
Brown food coloring
Yellow food coloring
Blue sparkling food gel
Cooking spray


Leaf decorating tip
Piping bag
Large saucepan
9″x13″ pan
Wax paper

Ready to make the marshmellow treats!

Ready to make the marshmellow treats!

In a large saucepan, melt the butter and mini marshmellows over low heat. Stir until melted.

heathstonetreats02heathstonetreats03 heathstonetreats04heathstonetreats05When the mixture is fulled melted, add a few drops of blue food coloring.

heathstonetreats07 heathstonetreats08After you’ve mixed in the blue, add a few drops of purple/violet food coloring.

heathstonetreats09 heathstonetreats10

Next, add the rice cereal and mix.

heathstonetreats11 heathstonetreats12

When the rice cereal is fully coated, scoop the mixture into a glass pan that has been sprayed with cooking spray.


Place a piece of wax paper on top and press down to smooth out any rough bits.

heathstonetreats14 heathstonetreats15

Allow the treats to sit until cool.

When you’re ready to decorate, flip over the glass pan and gently shake. The treats should plop right out. Trim off the curved edges, cut in half length-wise, and then into strips so you have ten treats total.


Take a cup of frosting and add a few drops of yellow and brown food coloring and mix.

Scoop the frosting into a piping bag with a leaf tip.

This is a leaf tip.

This is a leaf tip. We’re getting fancy!

Take a rice treat and draw the border with frosting.

heathstonetreats19 heathstonetreats20

Add the inner elements.


Draw a circle and then add points to create the middle piece. Use a toothpick to nudge the points into place if need be.


Finally, add a swirl of blue food gel.


Repeat for all rice treats.


Makes ten Hearthstone Rice Krispie Treats.




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