Gone Home Sugar Cookies

gonehomesteamcardsGone Home sugar cookies with royal icing, painted with food coloring.

These cookies are based off of the collective Steam Cards for the game. The how-to is shown on the Good Ol’ Christmas Duck sugar cookie post. The paint is food coloring and water, so everything is edible.

gonehomesteamcardskullSteam Card Calavera de la Dia

gonehomesteamcardhairSteam Card Red Right Hand

gonehomesteamcardfrankSteam Card A Frankly Awesome Binder

And to have all the cards in one place, heeere’s ducky:

gonehomeduck08Steam Card Good Ol’ Christmas Duck

The cards all together!


2 thoughts on “Gone Home Sugar Cookies

  1. How fun! I really liked this game and the cookies match the Steam cards perfectly! My favorite one is the Frankly Awesome Binder 😀

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