Goat Simulator Cake Pops


Cake pops based on the goat from the indie game Goat Simulator.

Goat Simulator, according to its Website, is “a small, broken and stupid game.” And it’s hilarious. Through this simulator, you really get a feel for being a goat. You can check this game out on Steam.

Onward to the cake pops!


Cake mix (plus the ingredients the mix calls for)
Cooking spray
White candy melts
Yellow mini M&Ms
Pink Starbursts
Almond slices
Black food marker
Brown food coloring
Pink food coloring
Black food coloring


Lollipop Sticks
Styrofoam block

First step is to create the cake!

You can follow the instructions on the cake mix box, or do what I did and add a can of diet soda. It’s slightly healthier and I do tend to eat a lot of cake in this process.


Adding diet soda.




Giving it a good stir.


Pour the cake batter into a pan sprayed with cooking spray, and bake according to the box’s instructions.

When the cake is done, allow it to cool.

Once cooled, break up the pieces into a bowl.


Add about 1/2 cup of frosting and mix.

goatsim06 goatsim07

Take a couple tablespoons worth of the mixture and roll into a large ball.


Shape the ball so it’s elongated, with one end being narrower than the other. Push into the sides of the ball to create spaces for the eyes.


For the ears, push in two almond slices.

I used a knife to create indentations for the tongue, but these were mostly filled with candy melt during the dipping process.


Pop into the freezer for about 10 minutes.

Now to coat the pops!

Take the white candy melt and place in a deep bowl. Microwave for 20 seconds at a time and stir, repeating until the candy melts are fully melted.

Add a drop of black food coloring and mix.

Pre-microwaved candy melts.

Pre-microwaved candy melts.


Take a goat head and poke in the bottom with the lollipop stick. Then dip the stick into the candy melt, and insert into the cake.


Dip the cake into the bowl until the cake is completely covered. Tap the stick against the bowl to remove excess candy melt, then stick the cake pop into a Styrofoam block to dry.

While the pops are drying, you can create the horns.

Take half a caramel, and work the candy until you have the horn shape. I always have to remove the edges of the caramel as they are too hard bend into shape. The middle of the caramel is much softer.goatsim15Once you have your horns, add a dab of candy melt to the back of the head of the cake pop. Press a horn onto the candy melt. It only takes it a few seconds to harden.

Adding the horns.

Adding the horns.

For the eyes, draw a “|-|” shape with the black food marker onto the yellow M&M.


Add a dab of candy melt where the eyes should go, then press on the eyes.


Last part, the tongue!

Take a pink Starburst and break into three pieces. As with the caramels, the edge of the candy might not be usable as it is too hard.

Work the Starbust – this part is awfully sticky – until you have a tongue shape. Draw a line down the middle of the tongue with a toothpick.


Add a dab of candy melt to the back of the tongue.


Press onto the goat cake pop.



Using brown food coloring and a little water, brush on the ridges on the horns.

Draw on nostrils with the black food marker.


Use pink food coloring to add color on the inside of the ears.goatsim24

Repeat for all your goats!




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