Awesome Guest Gaming Treats

The following people have worked their bakery magic and come up with some delicious concoctions.
If you’d like to be included, just drop me a note!

Jan K.
Jan K. and his girlfriend made Portal 2 cupcakes!

Samuel made a Phoenix Wright cookie from the Ace Attorney series!

In homage of Halo Reach’s Birthday Party skull, Candice made a Grunt head out of confetti cake for her husband’s birthday. Check it out on her blog! The screenshots show how Candice worked some magic to put the Grunt into cake form. I love the details and the textures, and the confetti bit is brilliant. Lucky husband!

TK-421 made Ultros Cookies for a 2010 birthday, and Katamari Balls for a 2011 birthday!
There are also Moogle Cupcakes and an army of delicious Black Mage cookies to boot!

Saaema most recently made a pac-man cake. The frosting looks great, and pac-man has a cute hat to boot!
Also check out her Moogle Cupcakes, World of Warcraft Hearthstone Cookies, Mario Question Block Cookies, and Bomberman Cupcakes. Here’s

quite a few other goodies on the site too!

Jan’s girlfriend made an amazingly detailed Plants v. Zombies cake, check out the blog post for pictures!

For her son’s first birthday, Shannon made an adorable 1-up mushroom cake. Check out the detail and the delicious recipe!

Candice created a Left for Dead homage with candy corns, a giant fudge covered brownie, and props! She also made an amazing Pac-man hedge maze cake, complete with ghosts. Almost looks too fancy to eat!

Dominique’s sister’s requested Mario Bros. snack recipes for her wedding, and asked Dominique to bake a selection of them for the cookie table. Dominique baked 4 dozen Koopa shells, 2.5 dozen goomba cake balls, and 3 dozen question block brownies, to be decorated the week before the wedding. That’s 90+ cookies! Wow!

Dominique’s sister, Dominique’s boyfriend, and another bridesmaid spent the entire evening dipping shells, coating monsters, and piping punctuation marks. Check out how well the goombas, shells, and question mark blocks turned out! How cool is that family?

Erica made Left 4 Dead brownies for a friend’s LAN party. Look at those details! Very awesome.

In his Bake-a-long YouTube videos, Johan made Pac-Man cookies and Metroid Cake Balls. They both came out great!

Katie made a perfect Castle Crashers Cake for her friend Foot! What a lucky person!

Manda made some cute and delicious graveyard cupcakes!

Noni made incredibly detailed Kirby Cake Pops! Wow!

Raven made an amazing NES cake! Check out more of her great work.

Samuel O. has these Street Fighter IV cookies created for him! Check out Hakan and the rest of the crew.

These were made for her boyfriend’s, Xero, birthday: SMB Mushroom Cookies and Portal Cookies!

Shivani’s Jiggypuffs. Group picture and on a plate.

Check out the white chocolate chocobos too!

For Valentine’s Day, Christine made these detailed Kratos sugar cookies with royal icing for her boyfriend, who is the lead designer for God of War 3. Lucky guy!

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