Eggplant Wizard Cookies

Eggplant Wizard Cookies
From the game Kid Icarus, the infamous staff of the Eggplant Wizard is presented in a cookie medium.

About a month ago, I received this message:

From: MoreVespeneGas

Subject: snack or die challenge
something kid Icarus themed


The gauntlet has been thrown! And it’s a rather tricky challenge to boot. The main character is too complicated to fashion a baked good out of (at least with my kitchen talents). That left game items (none particularity distinct to the game) and enemies. The man that goes by “MoreVespeneGas” suggested the character the Eggplant Wizard, which after much mulling over, lead to the cookie you see featured here.
The recipe for the sugar cookie dough

3 cups flour
1 cup sugar
1 cup butter (two sticks), softened
1/2 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. vanilla extract
2 eggs

For that eggplant look

Eggplant cookie cutter, or a cookie cutter that looks close enough to an eggplant
Red gel (for the eggplant stem)
Red sprinkles (also for the eggplant stem)
Red coloring
Blue coloring
Lollipop sticks

It's the guy!

This is the hand-held automatic mixer version of sugar cookie dough. If you want a wooden spoon version, the Zelda hearts have a good sugar cookie recipe. You can buy a tube of cookie dough, but it’ll be awfully difficult to get the coloring mixed in if you do.
Pre-heat oven to 350F!
Plop the butter into a bowl and mix until it looks sort of like mayonnaise. Add the eggs, vanilla extract, sugar, and blend. Mix in the flour and the baking soda.

Mostly just butter.

Before the flour. You’ll want the dough to be pretty soft.

Squeeze in the proper amount of red and blue coloring to get purple as noted by your food coloring package. The color of the cookie will lighten when baked, so you’ll want a fairly deep purple. It’ll take awhile for the coloring to mix in, as the batter will be thick.

Purpley dough.

Kinda looks like purple ice cream.

Wrap up the dough and chill for an hour to harden up the dough. Otherwise the dough will be sticking to the cookie cutters and it’ll be a royal mess.
After the dough is chilled, roll out to 3/8″ thickness. No thinner! You’ll be sticking in lollipop sticks later, and if your cookie is too thin, the cookie will crack when the stick is inserted.
Cut out with eggplant cookie cutter. My efforts to find an eggplant cookie cutter were in vain, so instead I used a pear cookie cutter and squished the cookie cutter to make a passable version of an eggplant.

Used to be a pear cookie cutter.

Before being thrown into the oven.
And after.

And after. Note how the color is a lighter purple. It’s like…magic!

Bake for about 8 minutes.
When you pull out the cookies, place on a piece of tin foil and insert the lollipop sticks immediately! You will not be able to add the sticks once the cookie is fully cooled. If you’re wondering why the stick is added now and not pre-baking, it’s because the sticks will burst into flame in the oven.
The eggplant has a bright red tip, so break out out the red gel and color in the leaves. I added sprinkles for extra pizazz.

Dressing up the eggplants.

Eggplant staffs in progress.

Makes about three dozen eggplant staffs.

Oh nos!

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