Doge Cupcake


Frosted cupcakes based on the Internet meme doge.In a slight departure from video game related goodies, this item is based off of the meme doge.



White frosting, 2 cups
Orange food coloring
Chocolate sprinkles
Tiny brown M&Ms
Black food gel
Sliced almonds



The amounts are for a half dozen doge cupcakes. Adjust as suits your needs and number of cupcakes.

I had baked cupcakes beforehand. You’ll want your cupcakes completely cooled before decorating.

Put the frosting in two bowls, one cup per bowl.

Add a small drop of orange food coloring to one bowl. Add about two drops – you may need less, so add a drop and add more if need be – to the second bowl. Mix. You’ll want one bowl of frosting to be a very pale orange, another a deeper orange.



Cut a large marshmellow in half.


Frost a cupcake, half with the orange frosting and half with the pale orange frosting.


Add one of the cut marshmellows.


Frost the marshellow, matching the top half with the orange frosting and bottom half with the pale orange.


Add a tiny brown M&M to the marshmellow for the nose.


Chocolate sprinkles at the ready.

Chocolate sprinkles at the ready.

Add chocolate sprinkles to the left and right of the tiny brown M&M for the whiskers.

Add a large curved sprinkle for the mouth.

Add two tiny brown M&Ms for the eyes. Using a toothpick, take some pale yellow frosting and add to the left side of the eyes.

Frosting the right eyeball. Ignore the ears, I decided against the Starbursts later on.

Frosting the right eyeball. Ignore the ears, I decided against the Starbursts later on.

Outline the eyes with black food gel. If it gets a little runny, squirt out some on a paper towel and then quickly outline the eyes. The first squirt is sometimes a little watery.

For the ears, take a whole sliced almond and coat with frosting.


Push into the top of the cupcake. Take a smaller slice of almond and add on top of the ear to create the inside of the ear. Repeat for all cupcakes.

Dip a toothpick into the black food gel and dot between the nose and mouth.


Repeat for all cupcakes.


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