Final Fantasy Black Mage Ice Cream Cones

Black MageFinal Fantasy ice cream clown cones.

The hardest part of this was coming up with a title for this entry. “Black Mage Ice Creams? Ice Cream Heads?” Mmm, ice cream heads.
These are based of off ice cream clowns found in local ice cream shops. When I was a wee lass in those shops, I always wanted one of those clown conesso badly. Nowadays I’m more tempted by the chocolate covered bananas that sit next to the ice cream clowns. At least those have fruit involved.
Other than the cookies, this is one of those recipes that’s mostly decorating. And it’s super easy. Which was exactly the level of hardness that I was looking for yesterday, as I was feeling quite loafy. Anyway, the list –

Sugar cookies (you can use your favorite recipe, or this one)
Sugar ice cream cones
Chocolate frosting
Yellow M&Ms
Blue fruit roll-ups
Chocolate ice cream

Take a sugar cookie and dab some chocolate frosting on. Take a sugar cone, place in the middle of the cookie, and secure with frosting by spreading it around the edge with a knife. This makes for the band of the hat.


Cut the fruit roll-up into strips that are roughly 1″ tall to create the top part of the Black Mage robe. If the slices don’t seem like they will be long enough, don’t worry; the ends of a fruit roll-up will easily stick together. I ended up cutting two slices for every Black Mage.


The flavor of this fruit roll-up was “Blazin’ Blue.”

Dig around in the M&M bag until you find two yellow M&Ms. You’ll want to do this now before the ice cream is scooped so there won’t be as much melting before eating.


Piggy ice cream scooper!

Scoop up some ice cream into a ball and place on a plate, bowl, or whatever suits your fancy. Quickly wrap the fruit rollup around the ice cream.


Stick the M&Ms eyes on, followed by the hat. If your sugar cookies are crisp, don’t push down too hard, else the fancy chapeau will break.
And that’s it. See, super easy.

Black Mage!

Hat at a jaunty angle.
Black Mage!


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