Baby Shower XBox 360 Cake

Baby Shower XBox CakeAn XBox 360 cake created for a baby shower.

For a surprise baby shower, my boss suggested baking an Xbox 360 cake for the “It’s a Girl!” party. The cake was for my hilarious gaming co-worker, whom didn’t know that the shower was being planned. The idea was brilliant!
My boss discretely discovered the cake flavor of choice was coconut and raspberry. I had my doubts on if that was a good combination; I’d never had it before. That particular blend of flavors turned out to be delicious.
No gritty behind-the-scenes shots on this one, but I can let you in on what was involved.
My brother was kind enough to lend me his 360 so I could have a working piece to go by. The 13″x9″ baking pan was the perfect size; I only needed to carve out the slight curves of the console. The back of the cake had ports drawn in black decorator’s gel.
The cake itself is coconut with a layer of raspberry jam. The frosting is buttercream with raspberry syrup blended in, giving the frosting a natural pink coloring.
Instead of adorning the cake with frosting roses, I used raspberries with chocolate leaves. The leaves were made by melting chocolate, and then painting the underside of a leaf plucked from the outside. You have to handle the cooled leaves quickly, else they’ll literally melt in your hands.
The controller is coconut cake with M&Ms, Junior Mints, and a tiny peppermint patty. Everything is to size. Well, except the handles aren’t that big. Were I to shape out the controller exactly, it’d topple like the my first cake did. That cake broke into four pieces, one of which became the controller.
There was a ton – or should I say X-Box sized – amount of cake. Almost of all it was eaten! Hooray!

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