Life Bars

Fun-sized Kit-Kats and bright green royal icing for all your health needs.

You know the people that handed out full-sized candy bars at Halloween when you were trick-or-treating? Those people were the coolest. I wanted to be cool this Halloween, so I loaded up with full-sized Snickers, 3 Musketeers, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and Twix to hand out at my apartment complex. I also had a bag of fun-sized Kit-Kats for backup in case a lot of kiddos showed up. I was prepared for the candy onslaught.

To kick off the Halloween night, I went over to my parents’ house, armed with ten bags of chocolate candy. My parents had giant bags of candy as well; they get a lot of trick-or-treaters.  I dressed up as pre-guillotine Marie Antoinette and dished out candy to around 350 kids. It was awesome.

My costume, complete with tiny boat on head.
The woman on the right was a steampunk assassin!

After handing out candy, I headed back to my place and learned that we had had one trick-or-treater.  Turned out to be the only one of the night. So now we have a ton of candy laying around, just ripe for a Snack or Die entry. Here’s how those fun-sized Kit-Kats were put to use.


Fun-sized Kit-Kats
1 cup powdered sugar
2 teaspoons meringue powder
1 tablespoon water
Green food coloring
Yellow food coloring


Sealable plastic bag

Seeing red.

First step, unwrap a Kit-Kat.  Eat the Kit-Kat.  Now that you’re hopped up on sugar, unwrap the rest of the Kit-Kats and place them on a sheet of waxed paper or some paper towel (“kitchen roll,” if you’re British.) Just in case things get a little messy.

To create the royal icing, mix together the meringue powder, powdered sugar, and water. If you’re using a mixer, start the speed out slow so the powdered sugar doesn’t go everywhere.  You’ll want the icing pretty thick. If it’s too thick, just add a tiny bit more water.

Scoop most of the icing into another bowl, leaving a few tablespoons. Add a few drops of the green food coloring to the majority of the royal icing and mix. Add a couple of drops of yellow food coloring and mix it all in.

Adding the yellow food coloring.

Once the color is fully incorporated, scoop the icing into the plastic bag.

Seal the bag, and snip off one of the corners.

Frost the tops of your Kit-Kats, the amount of icing depending on your fancy. Use a toothpick to help nudge the color into its proper place.

Dip a toothpick into the remaining white royal icing and draw “LIFE” on the side.

Allow to set for a couple of hours. Piece o’ cake.

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