Left4Dead Survivor Cookies

Left4Dead Survivor CookiesSugar cookies with fondant.

With the new content coming out today for Left4Dead I figured it was the perfect time to put together Survivor cookies!


Sugar cookie dough
Corn starch or powdered sugar
White, brown, green, and yellow food colorings
Black food coloring pen

Cut out your sugar cookies with a circular cookie cutter, bake, and allow to cool.

Left4Dead Survivor Cookies

When you're feeling sassy and ready for decorating, break out the fondant, frosting, and food coloring.

The peach fondant can be made with just a hint of brown food coloring. The tip of a toothpick dipped into the food coloring and then worked into the fondant will give a good color.

Peachy fondant
· Zoey's, Francis', and Bill's face

Light brown fondant
· Louis' face

Dark brown fondant
· Zoey's hair
· Francis' hair
· Francis' frowny eyebrows
· Francis' goatee
· Louis' eyebrows

Green fondant
· Bill's cap

Yellow fondant
· Bill's cap adornment

White fondant
· Bill's eyebrows
· Bill's beard

Dust down some corn starch or powdered sugar to prevent the fondant from sticking. Roll out the fondant until it's thin, about a couple of millimeters. Cut out the faces by using the same cookie cutter as you did the for the cookies.

Left4Dead Survivor Cookies

Add a small amount of frosting to the top of a cookie and lightly press the fondant on top. Repeat for all cookies.

Left4Dead Survivor Cookies

For Zoey's hair, use the cookie cutter to cut out another circle. This way you can make sure the edges of her hair match up with the face fondant. Use a toothpick to outline her hair, then use a knife to cut the shape out of the circle of fondant. Bill's cap and beard also can be cut out using the cookie cutter to get the proper shape.

Left4Dead Survivor Cookies
Zoey's hair.

Work the various food colorings into the fondant and cut out the shapes as needed. Add the different bits of fondant to the cookie by pasting them on with a bit of frosting.

Left4Dead Survivor Cookies

Once the fondant's on, it's time to draw! You can find a food coloring pen at a local crafts store. I used a fine tipped pen, but the tip was still a little big, so I had to be careful drawing.

Left4Dead Survivor Cookies

Draw the eyes, nose, and mouth onto the Survivors.

Left4Dead Survivor Cookies
Francis hates cookies.
Bigger image.

After a minute of letting the marker dry, you're done!