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BioShock Big Daddy Cupcakes
January 13, 2009

BioShock Big Daddy CupcakesChocolately BioShock Big Daddy cupcakes.

The icons of BioShock have their diving suit helmets turned into chocolate treats!


Chocolate cupcakes
Chocolate frosting
Yellow M&Ms
Licorice wheels
Melted chocolate (optional)

Pick out your favorite chocolate cupcake mix or recipe and whip up a batch o'cupcakes. When filling the cupcake pan, pour until it's about three-fourths full. This will make make for a nice and big cupcake top.

BioShock Big Daddy Cupcakes
Almost filled to the brim!

After the cupcakes have cooled, frost with chocolate icing.

BioShock Big Daddy Cupcakes
BioShock Big Daddy Cupcakes

Place yellow M&Ms on the cupcake in the below pattern.

BioShock Big Daddy Cupcakes

Take a thin, pointy object – I used the end of a meat thermometer because it was handy, but a toothpick would work just fine – and poke a hole in near the top row of M&Ms on the left side. This will help to hold the licorice band. Repeat on the other side.

Roll out the licorice wheel, measure across the cupcake to the two holes, and cut a length that's about half an inch longer. Push the licorice into the holes in the cupcake. Repeat for two holes on either side around the middle of the cupcake and again for another two holes near the bottom row of M&Ms, so you have three licorice bands total.

BioShock Big Daddy Cupcakes

For the last licorice band, poke holes at the tippy top of the cupcake and the bottom, then add the licorice. Add a little frosting around all the ends of the licorice to keep it in place.

BioShock Big Daddy Cupcakes

Big Daddy's diving suit helmet has a bit of welding where the bands meet. I used melted chocolate chips for this, but you can warm up a little frosting and use that as well. I went with the chocolate since it will harden and create a better licorice support system.

Whichever you'd prefer to use, pour into a ziplock bag and snip a tiny corner off the bag. Lightly squeeze the frosting or chocolate where the licorice bands meet to create a seal. If it's chocolate you're using, it'll take a minute or two for the chocolate to harden.

BioShock Big Daddy Cupcakes

Eight yellow M&Ms and a licorice wheel and a half will give you one big Big Daddy cupcake.

BioShock Big Daddy Cupcakes

All you need is an ice cream cone for the drill beside him.

Hi! I just wanted to let you know I featured this in my weekly column on Fandomania:

Fandomestic: 15 BioShock Crafts From The Depths of Rapture


For angry cupcakes, you could use red M&Ms!

Green for friendly/hypnotized! :D

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