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8-Bit Heart Sugar Cookies
January 26, 2009

8-Bit Heart Sugar CookiesPixelated sugar cookies.

These huge cookies aren't based in any game in particular. They do remind me of the Legend of Zelda life meter, but those hearts don't have the delicious chocolate M&M outline. So a generic 8-bit heart it is!


Sugar cookies
Vanilla frosting
Chocolate M&Ms
Red M&Ms
White M&Ms

The white M&Ms can be found – hopefully – in the bulk candy section of your local grocery store.

I wasn't able to find red M&Ms in bulk strangely enough. They had these little cinnamon hearts in bulk, but the thought of biting down onto a cookie covered with cinnamon hearts is not my cup o'tea. Plus, they're not even the right shape, so it's a moot point. Moot!

What I ended up doing is pouring a bag of M&Ms into a small dish and ate all the non-red M&Ms. Problem solved.

8-Bit Heart Sugar Cookies

Unless you're using mini M&Ms, you'll want a big cookie heart cutter.

8-Bit Heart Sugar Cookies

Once you've secured your cookie cutter, cut out the cookies, bake, and allow to cool.

8-Bit Heart Sugar Cookies
8-Bit Heart Sugar Cookies
8-Bit Heart Sugar Cookies

Spread a thin layer of frosting on the sugar cookie. You can use royal icing, but frosting will allow you to move the M&Ms around more. Royal icing is pretty, but once it starts to harden those M&Ms aren't moving, so you'll have be speedy!

8-Bit Heart Sugar Cookies

8-Bit Heart Sugar Cookies

Place the M&Ms onto the cookie, lightly pressing down. I started with the red half, outlining with chocolate M&Ms.

8-Bit Heart Sugar Cookies

That's it! Each huge cookie took ten red M&Ms, ten white M&Ms, and the chocolate outline took eighteen M&Ms.


M&M's tests on animals, therefore I don't eat them! Can I use something else besides M&M's?


M&Ms test on animals? What's wrong with that? They probably loved them! Everyone loves M&Ms :D

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