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Half-Life Vortigaunt Cupcakes
October 28, 2008

Half-Life Vortigaunt CupcakesFrosted cupcakes based off the Vortigaunts from Half-Life.

These alien beasties with their Shakespearian speech are quite the characters in Half-Life 2: Episode Two. They're popular enough to have been made into a plush toy!


Your favorite cupcake (any flavor)
White frosting
Red food coloring
Green food coloring
Mini Marshmallows
Almond slices
Red M&Ms

Start with the red frosting and frost a band across the cupcake to create the dominate large red eye.

Half-Life Vortigaunt Cupcakes

Stick two mini marshmallows on either side of the cupcake. Pulling down the cupcake liner a bit will help to hold to the marshmallow to the side of the cupcake.

Half-Life Vortigaunt Cupcakes

Frost the rest of the cupcake with green frosting.

Half-Life Vortigaunt Cupcakes

Add four almond slices – all roughly the same size – for the teeth.

Half-Life Vortigaunt Cupcakes

Add a red M&M to the eyeball.

Half-Life Vortigaunt Cupcakes

Half-Life Vortigaunt Cupcakes
"Ah, what pit would be complete without the Freeman climbing out of it?"

These make for good monster cupcakes for Halloween to boot!


This looks great love your recipes ^^


ILL TAKE 10, NO 20!

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