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Super Monkey Ball Cupcakes
September 2, 2008

Super Monkey Ball CupcakesCupcakes with chocolate frosting and cinnamon swirl ears.

Can't go wrong with a game about monkeys!


Delicious cupcakes of your choice
Black decorator's gel
Cinnamon Swirl cereal
Dark chocolate frosting
Brown food coloring
White frosting
Tootsie Rolls

The below quantities are for a half dozen cupcakes.

After your cupcakes have cooled, frost with the dark chocolate frosting.

Super Monkey Ball Cupcakes
Super Monkey Ball Cupcakes
Sorry, I had shaky hands this day!

To create the hair tuft, cut a tootsie roll in half and stretch into the proper curved shape. You don't have to warm up the tootsie roll; it's quite easy to mold as is. Poke a knife into the cupcake and place the tootsie roll into the cupcake.

Super Monkey Ball Cupcakes

Cover with more chocolate frosting.

Super Monkey Ball Cupcakes

Zap a 1/3 cup of white frosting in the microwave – you don't need much – for 10 seconds. Add a drop of brown food coloring and mix. If you don't have brown food coloring, try adding a touch of the dark chocolate frosting instead.

Pour the frosting into a plastic bag, seal, and snip a tiny corner off. Draw the monkey face on the cupcake. I used a knife to smooth things out a bit.

Super Monkey Ball Cupcakes

Place two cinnamon swirls on either side of the cupcake for the ears.

Super Monkey Ball Cupcakes

Draw on the eyes and mouth with black decorator's gel. A toothpick helps to nudge the gel in the right directions.

Super Monkey Ball Cupcakes
Super Monkey Ball Cupcakes

Eat the leftover cinnamon swirls. Super crunchy cereal is the best!

Super Monkey Ball Cupcakes

Makes a half-dozen monkey ball cupcakes.

Super Monkey Ball Cupcakes
Super Monkey Ball Cupcakes


I am making there right now for my friends birthday. He is super excited. And i just noticed something really creepy your plates are the same as mine!d


these are sweet but maybe to much work

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