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Counter-Strike Candy Logo
September 17, 2008

Counter-Strike Candy LogoA candy Counter-Strike logo created from dark and white chocolate.

Counter-Strike is the most satisfying game ever – or the most frustrating, depending on the day. I've logged thousands of hours into this game and will no doubt log many more. CS is a game for all time.

Counter-Strike Candy Logo
When you're T on dust, there's not much you can do except party in the party van.


1/2 cup dark chocolate melts
3 cups white chocolate melts

A 1/2 cup of chocolate melts will be enough for a dozen Counter-Strike logos. You can use chocolate instead of candy bits, but the chocolate can lead to streaking.

Scoop the 1/2 cup of chocolate melts into a plastic bag, but don't seal the bag quite yet.

Counter-Strike Candy Logo

Pop up in the microwave for 10 seconds. Move the melts around a bit and pop in for another 10 seconds. Mush the melts around again, and repeat until they are fully melted. It took me 40 seconds before every bit melted.

Place a square of wax paper over the logo. It can be any size, but there are pointy bits on the MP5 which can be tricky for the smaller logo sizes.

Counter-Strike Candy Logo

Seal the bag and clip a tiny corner off. Draw over the Counter-Strike logo, top-to-bottom.

Once done, move the design off to a place where it won't be smudged and begin the next logo with a fresh square of wax paper.

After 20 minutes, the design will have hardened and you can fill in the backing with white chocolate melts.

Counter-Strike Candy Logo
CTs everywhere!

Place the three cups of the white chocolate into a plastic and use the same zap-and-mush-around-every-ten-seconds method until the white chocolate has fully melted. Move a chocolate design back over the printed logo and outside the circle. Fill in with white chocolate melts.

Counter-Strike Candy Logo
Counter-Strike Candy Logo
and cover!
Counter-Strike Candy Logo

Allow the logos to set for 30 minutes.

If you have a stiff frosting, you can place the logos upright on a cupcake.

Counter-Strike Candy Logo

Laying them down on top of a cupcakes works just peachy as well.

Counter-Strike Candy Logo
Counter-Strike Candy Logo

The candy logos work for cookies, too. Bake some sugar cookies and place the same-sized candy logo on top. You'll want the sugar cookie to be pretty thick and the candy part to be pretty thin, otherwise you'll get an overwhelming taste of candy and not so much cookie.

The perfect sugary treat while gaming with the ever polite and proper audience of Counter-Strike.

Counter-Strike Candy Logo

These came out looking so amazing, Jocelyn! I haven't had much luck with melted chocolate in the past, so I will stick to admiring yours from afar. :)


that's pretty cool. i can't have chocolate though. :(

These are so cute, especially the one where the CS frosting is stuck upright in the cupcake.. it just looks a bit oversized for the little cake. But the CS logo guy came out so detailed. I'm gonna have to give this a try. Thanks for your wonderful site n_n


I happened upon your site while looking for an image of Phanto from Super Mario 2. I'm a fellow gamer & snack baker and immediately zeroed in on your Phanto cookie. I must say your work is fantastic and has inspired me to create a whole new genre of treats. I love these CS cupcakes and will attempt to make a similar batch of Metal Gear/Solid Snake cupcakes for my husband using your technique. It will probably take me a few tries because I'm still learning to work with chocolate. I can send you a picture if and when I am successful. Thanks again for sharing your wonderful creations with the world, it has really brightened my day!


I did this for a Final Fantasy party using yellow colored white chocolate and a chocobo pattern. This one turned out much more successful than my fail Jiggly Puff cake balls:

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